Kuikka – the base camp

Kuikka is a former forest workers' residence situated in the municipality of Kuhmo, on the border with Russia. The base camp sits on a headland, surrounded by the Kuikka lake and boreal forest. The building is a traditional rural Finnish log house. The general atmosphere in Kuikka can be compared to that of a large family rather than to that of a hotel.


  • running potable water
  • electricity
  • wifi and ethernet cable connection
  • satellite TV
  • digital projector
  • copier and a printer
  • sheets and towels
  • two dryers for wet shoes and clothes, washing machine
  • three toilets and four showers
  • lakeside sauna with a wood-burning stove and a smoke sauna
  • small souvenir shop
  • camp-fire place
  • 3 rowing boats, 1 canoe
  • garden bird feeding place
  • nest boxes
  • large parking area for cars and camper vans


  • breakfast buffet usually at 9 a.m.
  • coffee, tea, and a small snack during the day
  • dinner buffet table usually at 4 p.m.: three course meal with choices
  • picnic/sandwiches for taking to the hides/on trips

In the case of allergies or special diets, WSF must be informed at the time of booking.


There are 7 guest rooms with cabin bunks. Due to the origin of the house, there are no single or double rooms as such. There are 4 beds in every room. 8 in the largest. Often, friends and couples or families will live in one room. However, if you have any particular wishes regarding privacy, let us know.