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Kuikka base camp

Coordinates to the Kuikka base camp:  N 64°06'575", E 30°24'145"

From Kajaani Airport to the Kuikka base camp

Instructions: Drive from Kajaani airport towards "Keskusta" (the city center) on the left, then follow the hospital-sign and Vuokatti/Sotkamo/Kuhmo (100 km). After about 30 km, turn to left towards Vuokatti/Sotkamo/Kuhmo. Follow the main road until Kuhmo. When you enter Kuhmo, take the first exit from the roundabout right towards Suomussalmi/Kostamus. Drive 5 km straight, after the bridge turn right towards Hukkajärvi/Kivikiekki. Drive 44,5 km straight, then turn to left on the Kivikiekintie-road. There is a sign that says Kuikan kämppä. Drive 9,5 km straight until the Kuikka-sign appears on your right. Follow the sign for about 1 km straight and you’ll find the red buildings of our Kuikka base camp. The trip is 160 km in total.

Address: Kivikiekintie 938, Kuhmo

From Kajaani to Kuusamo