Other birds

KUUSAMO (winter only):

Next to the golden eagle: black woodpecker, dipper, Siberian jay, grey-headed chickadee/Siberian tit, black grouse, hazel grouse, willow grouse, jay, great grey owl, hawk-owl and other owls, waxwing, raven, woodpecker.
Later in spring: white-tailed eagles, whooper swan and other migrating birds

KUHMO (Kuikka base camp)

Large migratory birds

The three large migratory birds, the whooper swan, common crane and bean goose, arrive in our area on 15-25 April. The entire month of May is a good time to photograph tall birds, although they stay around for several months. The swan chicks hatch on around 10-15 June, so that swan families can be seen until the autumn.

Bird Pond

Wildlife Lassi Rautiainen has two bird photo ponds in two different wetland areas. About 35 species have been seen there, most of them in May: goldeneyes, mallards, northern pintails, tufted ducks, red-necked grebes, red-throated divers, smews, European herring gulls, great black-backed gulls, lesser black-backed gulls, common terns, northern lapwings, Eurasian curlews, black grouse, hooded crows, magpies, ravens, spotted redshanks, greenshanks, wood sandpipers, ruffs, swallows, and yellow and white wagtails.

Small bird feeding place

At the feeding place in our yard at Kuikka base camp you can see and photograph birds and red squirrels all year around.

In winter: tits, woodpecker, jay

In Spring: tits, woodpecker, bullfinch, greenfinch, siskin, brambling, chaffinch, cuckoo, etc.

Nests we have found include those of the pied flycatcher, redstart, great tit, spotted flycatcher, sandpiper, willow warbler, kestrel, swallow, house martin, smew, goldeneye, black-throated diver (in Finnish this is called "kuikka", like our base camp).

Birds, birds, birds…: Bluetail, owls, birds of prey, old forest species etc. In May-July the most interesting bird seen has been the Red-flanked Bluetail (Tarsiger cyanurus). This nests near the Kuikka base camp.

Other nesting birds: the Merlin, the Common Kestrel, the Eurasian hobby, the Sparrowhawk, the Buzzard, the Honey buzzard, the Black kite, the Goshawk, the Hen harrier, the Osprey, owls.

Old-growth forest species like the Rustic bunting, Wren, Little bunting, Greenish warbler,Red crossbill, and Parrot crossbill.

Rare guests have been the Steppe eagle and the Gyrfalcon.

Combine your bird trip with observations of the wild forest reindeer, bears, wolves, or wolverines, or go photo hiking in old-growth forest areas.

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